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A little about the Friends of Lake Gwelup

The Friends of Lake Gwelup (FoLG) is a volunteer, community based organisation that is involved in the conservation and enhancement of Lake Gwelup Reserve. We come together because we enjoy giving back to the community but also because we enjoy being part of the community and the friendships made along the way.

Lake Gwelup is an A Class reserve in the local council of the City of Stirling.

Lake Gwelup Reserve includes areas protected under the Bushland Forever Policy, these areas were selected as they offer unique biodiversity on the Swan Coastal Plain


Lake Gwelup Reserve (the Reserve) is a 75 hectare multi-purpose reserve consisting of wetland, bushland and recreation parkland.  The reserve is further divided into three separate areas, two conservation area and one recreational area.


The name “Gwelup” refers to a small swamp located within the southern portion of the suburb. It was derived from thNoongar word “Gwelgannow” meaning “to shift position”. Hence, Lake Gwelup was referred to as “the lake that shifts position”. The name first appears in Lands Department records in 1878 as “Gwelup Swamp”.

Lake Gwelup is located in Mooro Country, a region that extends from Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) to Yanchep and inland to Ellenbrook. Nyoongar people report that the chain of lakes is fed by an underground water system created by the Waugal (the Rainbow Serpent) and these lakes extend along Mooro Country.

There are 4 registered Aboriginal sites at the Lake with a campsite on the North West edge and an ancient ceremonial site.










The Friends of Lake Gwelup (FoLG) formed initially in 1994 and was a community based organisation formed:

  • to work in conjunction with the City to facilitate

    • conservation,

    • landscape protection and

    • recreation 

The primary goal of the group initially was to provide a forum for local residents to attend to what was at time seen as a lack of maintenance of the reserve.  This also allowed for a social outlet for many in the group that consisted primarily of retirees.


Sadly the Friends of Lake Gwelup became dormant in 2006 when through a perceived lack of interest, the group went into a kind of stasis. The group was then revived in 2014 and has begun to grow, once again becoming a vibrant community group, offering members an opportunity to participate in many community orientated activities.


Want to learn more about what a Forever Bushland is?

Lake Gwelup Community Planting Day
There are a number of planting days in the works for 2023. Stay tuned for more details

The City of Stirling and the Friends of Lake Gwelup invite you to join us for a community planting day. 

This is a great event for the whole family!

Lunch is provided and there will be free nature crafts for the kids.

Interested in learning more?

Created 2017 by Friends of Lake Gwelup, (FoLG)

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